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Whether you're new to sewing, or a veteran, it never hurts to take some time to learn a new technique.


Have you ever popped an embroidery design out of its hoop before it was done? How frustrating! That project is toast! Or so we thought! Join Ginny to learn how to use your Solaris to successfully re-hoop and re-align your designs after disaster strikes and save your projects and your time! This class is FREE to Solaris owners!

Cost: $ FREE
Edge to Edge Quilting has arrived in the latest Solaris upgrade! Learn how to use this wonderful feature with Gabe as he takes you how to re-hoop and line up your quilts with the projector to achieve a pantograph-like design! This class is FREE to Solaris Vision owners or Solaris 1 or 2 owners with Upgrade Kit 3.

Cost: $ FREE
Do you have a Baby Lock that connects to Wi-Fi? Did you know that you don't need a flash drive to transfer your designs anymore? Baby Lock has introduced the Design Database Transfer system, to help send your designs directly from your computer to your machine! Learn how to operate this program with Ginny! This class is free to any Wi-Fi Enabled Baby Lock machine owner.

Cost: $ FREE
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